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Obscure (11次)

1. Very few people could understand his lecture because the subject was very ____. (05/12) A) faint B) indefinite C) obscure D) gloomy

2. Creating so much confusion, Mason realized he had better make ____ what he was trying to tell the audience. (03/12) A) exclusive B) explicit C) objective D) obscure

3. Very few people could understand the lecture the professor delivered because its subject was very ______. (03/6) A) obscure B) indefinite C) dubious D) intriguing

4. Often such arguments have the effect of _______ rather than clarifying the issues involved. (02/12) A) obscuring B) prejudicing C) tackling D) blocking

5. In spite of the ______economic forecasts, manufacturing output has risen slightly. (01/1)



A) gloomy B) miserable C) shadowy D) obscure

6.Very few people understood his lecture, the subject of which was very_______. (00/1) A) dim B) obscure C) conspicuous D) intelligible

7. Since the two countries couldn't ______ their differences, they decided to stop their negotiations. (99/6) A) rectify B) oblige C) reconcile D) obscure

8. Frankly speaking, your article is very good except for some ______ mistakes in grammar. (99/6) A) obscure B) glaring C) trivial D) rare

9. In our highly technological society, the number of jobs for unskilled worker is ______. (99/1) A) shrinking B) obscuring C) altering D) constraining

10. Parents take a great interest in the _______ questions braised by their

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children. (98/6) A) nasty B) naive C) obscure D) offensive

11. The poetry of Ezra Pound is sometimes difficult to understand because it contains so many __________ references. (97/1) A) obscure B) acute C) notable D) objective Abolish(3次)

1. Slavery was _______in Canada in 1833, and Canadian authorities encouraged the slaves, who escaped from America, to settle on its vast virgin land. (05/12) A) abolished B) resigned C) diluted D) dissipated

2. Excellent films are those which_______national and cultural barriers. (05/6) A) transcend B) traverse C) abolish D) suppress

3. Mike just discovered that his passport had _______ three months ago. (99/6) A) abolished B) expired

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C) amended D) constrained Abrupt(2次)

1. Even sensible men do ____ things sometimes. (02/6) A) abrupt B) absurd C) acute D) apt

2. It is ________ that women should be paid less than men for doing the same kind of work. (02/1) A) abrupt B) absurd C) adverse D) addictive Absorb(2次)

1. The club will ________ new members the first week in September. (02/1) A) enroll B) subscribe C) absorb D) register

2. When trapped in drifting sands, do not struggle, or you will be ______ in deeper. (98/1) A) absorbed B) pushed C) heaved D) sucked 参考答案: Abolish: AAB Abrupt: BB

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Absorb: AD

共出现11次,作为主考词5次,作为陪考次6次。 adj. 1.不著名的,不重要的;2.费解的,模糊不清的 vt. 使变模糊,掩盖 同义:blur, dim

反义:1.notable, conspicuous 2.clear, pure, intelligible 衍生:obscured adj.暗的,朦胧的; obscurity n.阴暗,朦胧 辨析:

1.obscure,dim,dark,gloomy 表示模糊不清,暗的

obsure指不清晰、模糊,不强调由于光线原因而使人看不清楚。引申义表示语法、文字、记忆等因复杂、深奥、模棱两可而让人看不懂、无法理解。 dim暗淡的,模糊的。指因光线微弱而看不清楚、辨不明轮廓。意义比dark弱。也可比喻(前途)暗淡。

dark黑暗的,阴沉的,普通用于。强调缺少自然光线或人工照明所致黑暗,看不见周围的东西。可比喻(前途)暗淡,(心情)沉重,(脸色)阴沉。 gloomy黑暗的,朦胧的。强调光线受到阻碍、遮蔽等。借喻表示忧郁和令人沮丧。常比喻经济预期不景气。


ambiguous指某物本身的含义模棱两可,使人不明了,费解。 vague指人的言词不确定或太笼统,使人不能完全猜透其意。 3.obscure,indefinite,dubious表示不确定而引起的模糊

indefinite强调定义不明确而引起理解上的模糊。常与view,answer搭配。 dubious指因可疑而引起的不确定。与result搭配。 真题讲解:


obscure作为费解的意思,通常会跟“difficult to understand”联系在一起,这里very few people could understand就相当于difficultto understand了。

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