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Academic·Passionate·Professional·Responsible A put in hours of slow, careful planning and work. B get closer to this elusive goal. C move all parts of the body and face to create each movement. D have used computers to create special fantasy effects. E must mirror a human laugh, frown or smile. F model the movements of the character. G a complex computer-generated character. H create all the characters and special effects. I first build a real skeleton of the model. J make the bones and muscles move can be added. K is still a challenge for animators. L have a strong reaction to a face that is not quite right.

After You Read

Vocabulary-Adjectives 练习7:Answer these questions.

i. Which ending is common to the adjectives below? ______ ii. Consider ‘indistinguishable'. What does the ‘-able' ending mean? ______ be done iii. What does the ‘in-' prefix mean? ______

humanoid… sophisticated creative genuine indistinguishable elusive complex three-dimensional realistic painstaking extreme sensitive

练习8:Complete the sentences below using the adjectives in the list above. a. ______ technology is very complex.


complex:复杂的,表示复杂困难的单词:sophisticated/ complicated/ complex. b. If something is ______, it is difficult to find or achieve. 词汇拓展:


exclusive: available or belonging only to a particular people and not shared/排他的;

exclusive access/ access exclusive rights:排他的权利; exclusive club:专属俱乐部。

ex- 开头表示向外;in- 开头表示向内。如:exclusive/ inclusive; export/ inport; deport:驱逐出境;

migration:移民,immigration移到国内/ emigration移到国外。

c. Something that is ______ is similar to the real thing. 词汇拓展:

realistic:真是的,实际的。反义词:idealist理想主义的,幻想的/ naive傻,单纯/


d. If someone is ______, they notice or are affected by slight changes.




sense:场景;道理, It does/ doesn’t make sense. e. ______ means making new things. 词汇拓展:

creative: involve using of imaginations to produce new ideas for things. create:创造;建立,近义词:establish/ generate,辨析:

create:侧重创造一些抽象的新事物或新事情; establish:建立(体系、组织); generate:创造;发电。

f. If something is ______, it is real rather than artificial. 词汇拓展:


genuine:真诚的,真挚的,=sincere;真的,非人造的,genuine leather真皮。 g. A cube is ______; it has height, width and depth. 词汇拓展:


h. Something that is ______ is the opposite of simple. i. A ______ character is like a human.

j. To do something in a ______ way means that you take a lot of time and trouble.

k. Someone who is ______ from someone else looks the same as that other person. 词汇拓展:


distinguish:区别,区分,distinguish between/ from; distinguished:尊贵的,successful, respected and admired. indifference:漠不关心,中立;

More Vocabulary

to mention... fantasy techniques skeleton lasers animation features to require... processor

workstations reaction facial expressions

练习9:Match the words above to the meanings below.

a. Ways of doing something ______ 词汇拓展:


unique:独一无二的; antique:古董;

b. Desks set up with computers, screens and other necessary equipment ______ c. A central computing unit ______

d. The set of bones, joined together, that makes up a human or animal ______ e. The parts of a face, such as eyes, mouth and nose ______ f. A magic or dream world ______ g. To need (something) ______

h. To talk about (something) ______

i. Special light beams ______





ray:光线。X-ray:X光线;Blue ray:蓝光; beam:光束;

j. Ways of looking happy, sad etc ______ k. A response to a statement or action ______

l. A film with characters that seem to be alive ______

UNIT 5 Practice 1

Reading Passage 1 The Albatross


Albatrosses are the largest seabirds in existence, with wingspans which extend to over three metres in width. They represent a small subset of the larger group known as tube-nosed petrels, which have strong, curved sharp beaks which they use for catching fish and squid on the surface of the ocean. While there is some debate about the exact taxonomy of the species, it is agreed that there are somewhere between 21 and 24 species of albatrosses. B

Of these species, approximately half breed in New Zealand and about 80per cent breed or fish within New Zealand's territorial waters. Six species breed only in New Zealand or on its offshore islands. One of only two mainland nesting sites for these birds in the world, for the northern royal albatross, is on the Otago Peninsula in the South Island of New Zealand; it is a popular tourist destination. Visitors can view the albatross colony from a special building which has been established beside the nesting ground and, while the site is closed during breeding season, at other times it is often possible to see parents and their chicks living and feeding only metres away from human observers. C

Albatrosses spend most of their lives at sea, coming to land only to mate and raise their chicks. Male and female birds cooperate in raising their offspring. At the Taiaroa nesting site in New Zealand, eggs are laid in October or November each year. Incubation takes about 11 weeks, and during this time both parents take turns to sit on the eggs for periods of up to three weeks, while the other bird goes off to sea to eat. It takes the chicks up to five or six days to hatch from their tough shell. Once they are hatched, the parents take turns in looking after them for about five or six weeks. After this time, they are left alone except for regular feeding until they get their feathers and are ready to fly, at about eight months of age. D

Once the young birds are ready to fly, they are off to sea. Albatrosses spend about 80 per cent of their lives at sea, soaring over the waves and feeding off surface fish and squid. Some albatrosses travel long distances over the pelagic, or deep, ocean, while others find food closer to land over areas of continental shelf. They can fly at great speed, at bursts of up to 140km/hour,



and they can cover huge distances in one day, even as much as 1800 km. E

The royal albatrosses at Taiaroa Head stay at sea for the first three years of their lives, after which they return to the colony once a year for several years before finding a mate and beginning to breed at around the age of eight. Albatrosses are faithful birds; they mate for life and raise one chick every two years on average. They are also long lived, and birds have been recorded still laying eggs into their 50s and even 6Os. However, their relatively low reproductive rate is one of the factors which make them vulnerable to the threat of extinction. F

There are also risks to albatross chicks on land. Natural predators such as seagulls can eat eggs and young birds, and in mainland areas there are also threats from dogs, cats and other land animals. On some offshore islands, sea lions have been observed raiding nests for eggs. It is thought that this is a new behaviour. G

The main threats to the adult albatross occur at sea, and most of these are man-made. Albatrosses like to travel close to fishing boats, to eat the leftover scraps of fish that are dropped over the side of the boat. Sometimes, however, they also eat the bait and accidentally ingest fish hooks, or get dragged along on fishing lines and drown. The number of albatrosses that any one boat catches is small, but because there are so many fishing boats, this may have a long term impact on population numbers. It is estimated that at least 100,000 albatrosses die in this way each year. As for all sea bird species, there are other threats, such as drift nets, oil spills and rubbish such as plastic in the ocean. While there are international agreements and fishing conventions to try and protect sea birds, albatrosses are among the million or so sea birds that get caught in drift nets and die each year. H

The albatross is a magnificent, beautiful and awe-inspiring creature. We need to work together to protect this bird and others from threats posed by human activity. 词汇讲解:

albatross:信天翁; mate:交配,养育; chicks:小鸟; offspring:后代; incubation:孵化; hatch:孵化; soar:快速上升 feed on with 喂食 squid 鱿鱼

Note Completion

Complete the notes below Use no more than TWO words OR A NUMBER from the reading passage for each answer.



UNIT 6 Advertising

Look at the images

Puffery in Advertising


puffery n. 吹捧,鼓吹,吹捧的广告;

purify v. 使洁净,纯净; e.g.: The air in the room was purified. adj.: pure:纯洁的。 A

“Our coffee is loved by millions worldwide.” Do you often see this kind of advertising in your country? Statements like these, that no-one can prove, are called puffery This is a term that has been developed for exaggerated claims that are made in advertising. Puffery is legal, even though such claims cannot be proved. In fact, puffery has been termed “a licence to lie”, as it is vague enough to be classed as opinion, an expression of the salesperson's evaluation of the product, rather than an objective statement.